BSLIM Herb tea thinness DIET WORLD

BSLIM Herb tea thinness DIET WORLD

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Herb tea thinness

With B.SLIM, nature will keep on suprising you.

Consisting of the recently discovered, unique plant, la Mauve Frisée, the herb tea B.SLIM has several actions : Emollient, Detoxicant and diuretic


30 bags for 1 month

How to use ?

Take a bag of B. SLIM every evening during a month after dinner and no more than two hours later. Let infuse between 2 and 10 minutes according to the desired effect. Refer to instructions in the box


Curled mauve 96 %, Séné 4 %.

Councils of use:

Take 1 bag of B. Slim every evening during 1 month: after the dinner and no more than 2 hours after the latter. Let infuse between 2 in 10 minutes according to the wished effect. Relate to the note appearing in the box.

Note : Certain individuals noticed diarrheas in the beginning of treatment. This effect is normal due to the detoxification of the body human. These diarrheas will disappear at the end of one-two weeks of treatment. The Frizzy Mallow causes in every case a modification of the texture of the saddles which become more greasy.

This herb tea must not be used by the pregnant women.

It is disadvised to exceed the indicated daily dose. Cannot replace a varied and well-balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. Hold out of reach young children.

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