Soap Herbamix 125G KERALA

Soap Herbamix 125G KERALA

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Soap of beauty in 30 plants considered as their dermatological virtues.

Hydrate and protects.

logo_sans_cruaute_pm_blanc.jpg without paraben

Home-made soap made according to the recipes of the old texts.

Bread of natural yellow color 125G (visible brightness of leaves of Neem).

This soap of beauty suits in all the even very sensitive, irritated, damaged or very dry skins. It will help your skin to preserve or to find its brightness and its health. He can be daily used for the cleaning of the face and the body and will leave your soft and velvety skin.


The lotus, the geranium of India, hydrate and soften the skin. Licorice settles the excess sebum, the white sandalwood, the sesame revitalize and regenerate. The sacred basil, the saffron, the clary sage bring their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues. The brightness of sheets of Neem cleanse. The nutmeg tree, the turmeric tone up and firm up fabrics of the skin. The madder of India relieves the itches. The vetiver and the patchouly calm and relax the spirit.

Contains no animal fat, without EDTA. Without flavor of synthesis, without oil mineral, without conservative.

Councils of use:

It is good to keep a few moments the foam on the skin to allow a better absorption of the active ingredients of plants by the top layers of the skin.

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