Soap Medimix 125G KERALA

Soap Medimix 125G KERALA

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Soap in the astringent, emollient, refreshing, aromatic, antiseptic and toning effects.

Soap of green color 125g

logo_sans_cruaute_pm_blanc.jpg  Without Paraben

Ayurvedic soap is produced by craftsmen with pure coconut oil and with various medicinal plants recognized for their dermatological virtues.

In the soap Medimix, these plants are among 18. They have preventive and curative effects, in particular they protect the skin of the outside attacks, keep him its youth and its flexibility by avoiding the drying. His daily use for the body and the face is recommended for all the skins, in particular acned or sensitive to skin rashes, red patches, itches.


These plants are, among others: the coriander, the berbéris, the nigelle, the licorice, the myrrh, the lilac of India, nice-smelling reed, cumin, cedar, greenbrier, couch grass of India or vetiver, ginger, psoralée, séoulou, dentellaire malherbe.

Contains no animal fat, without EDTA. Without flavor of synthesis, without oil mineral, without conservative.

They help the skin to keep its brightness and its health.

This soap produces a plentiful and smooth foam(moss) which allows to use him(it) comfortably and daily as shampoo, it settles the excess sebum, improves the shoot of hair and takes away the parasites. He(it) has an anti-dandruff action(share).

Advises of use:

Its use is very pleasant, its refreshing flavor. It is good to keep the foam 3 in 5 minutes in touch with the skin or the scalp to optimize the effect wished for an absorption stressed by the active ingredients of plants by the top layers of the skin.

This soap is of light texture and leaves the soft and velvety skin

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