Ayurvedic oil of massage KERALA

Ayurvedic oil of massage KERALA

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Physical care.

Embellishes the skin, stimulates the senses, relaxes the spirit!

With 11 plants.

Flask of 100ML.


The oil of massage in 11 plants is a precious physical care resulting from ancestral receipts of the authentic ayurveda of India. Consisted of natural subtances in the moisturizing and regenerative virtues, this oil has an effect protective and embellishing for the skin, relaxing for the spirit and toning up for the senses (certain plants sound recognized for their aphrodisiac virtues). Contains among others of the rose, some sandalwood, the aloe vera, the lavender, the turmeric.

Composition :

Helianthus annuus, cocos nucifera, sesamum indicum, sida cordifolia, withania somnifera, santalum album, rubia cordifolia, vetiveria zizanoides, curcuma longa, cedrus deodora, alpinia galanga, rosa centifolia, aloe barbadensis, lavendula officinalis.

Without conservative, without colouring agent, without flavor of synthesis, without mineral oil.

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