Repair cream feet DESERT ESSENCE

Repair cream feet DESERT ESSENCE

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To the sublime pistachio!

For a daily use.

Softens the skin and helps revitalize dry, dry feet.

103.5 ML

logo_sans_cruaute_pm_blanc  Without paraben

Pampering your feet with the sublime pistachio-style restorative foot cream!

Ideal for summer, this cream will bring you the necessary hydration to restore softness to the driest feet. It repairs and smoothes the rough skin of the feet.

The combination of Pistachio Nut oil, Shea butter that moisturizes the skin deep and Macadamia seed oil that softens and helps revitalize the skin, makes this cream an indispensable ally to keep feet soft and moisturized.

100% vegan - wheat and gluten free.

Tips for using:

Apply the cream to the feet once a day, allowing the product to penetrate the skin. In case of application before going to bed, penetrate well.

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