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Weaknesses related to spring can often cause us to adjust our behaviour due to the arrival of new seasonal biorhythms.

70 tablets

This adaptation may take different forms (tiredness, a cold, etc.) faced with various stress factors (change of temperature, pollen, etc.). When a problem arises, the hypothesis that there is favourable grounds for the emergence of this problem is posed. By field we mean the sum of the different variables encouraging an imbalance. There are several causes for a field problem (external: stress, internal: deficiencies, etc.). Various trace metals rebalance field variables. When these constants are rebalanced, the problem no longer has a source to continue to exist and gradually goes away. The strength of the research comes from having to decode the language of the components of certain fields: this is what gives these amazing results.

Formulation :

It is a sequential formulation in which minerals are blended in very individual volumes in relation to each other in order to create all-round synergy and optimise biocompatibility and bioavailability criteria. Each tablet comprises several mineral salts in weight and in information (dilution).
The minerals are a vector of information in the body.

The development of the products :

The products have been developed thanks to the clinical observations in a private clinic by doctors who specialise in minerals. In the course of their advice, they note that the combination of different minerals might have an impact on a problem field.

Taking the products :

To avoid any interaction between minerals, it is necessary to chew them separately. This is why we must take a succession of mineral formulas that will complement the information desired.

Ingrédients :

Calcium 20.94mg (2.61% AJR), magnésium 9.06mg (2.41% AJR), zinc 0.71mg (7.10% AJR), cuivre 61μg (6.10% AJR), manganèse 127.6μg (6.38% AJR), sodium 0.0408mg, potassium 0.06mg (3.10% AJR). Autres ingrédients : lactose, sorbitol, stéarate de magnésium.

AJR : apports journaliers recommandés.

No colorant, no OGM.

Suggested use :

It is recommend that you chew and then swallow the set of 10 tablets, once a day, in the order indicated from 1 to 10. Your blister pack contains 7 doses, or 70 tablets. Follow the dose order starting with 1 then 2… up to 10. The dose is complete when you have chewed the 10 th tablet.

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