Diffuser of resins GEO AROMANDISE

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Diffuser of resins GEO AROMANDISE

Porcelain diffuser for incense resins and essential oils.

colour : white.

Tips for use:

Fill the cup with water (or sand) at 2/3. Light the candle and place your resin mixture. Always maintain water to avoid burning the mixture. The scent is emitted after a few minutes, when the water or sand arrives at the temperature.

You can make your own mixtures of resins, aromas (tea, cloves, pepper etc...) or essential oils to give free rein to your cravings of natural fragrances. Revive the perfumer that lies dormant in you!

Precaution of use:

Position the incense holder on a flat surface, not waxed, not varnished, not exposed to draughts.

Do not allow unattended burning.

Do not leave children within reach.

Do not touch heated surfaces.

Ventilate the room after use. Avoid inhaling the smoke directly.


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