Flower of life car diffuser DG diffusion

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Flower of Life Pattern Diffuser. Sits on the air vent of a car to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

The diffusion of essential oils makes it possible to benefit from all the varied subtlety of the scents that spread in the atmosphere as well as the properties of essential oils.

The diffuser is made of stainless steel. 5 felt absorbent tissue blottings provided.

Diameter of the diffuser: 3 cm. Diameter of the blotter: 2,2 cm. Essential oils not provided.

Tips for use:

Open the clip and take out the colored felt blotter. Soak the blotter with a few drops of essential oils. Put the blotter back into the clip and close. Attach the clip into one of the air vents of the car.

Change pads with each change of essential oil or after 1 month of use.

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