Created in 2012 by Valérie GASTAUD, our online shop " " advises in the field of products Well-being and in the food complements.

Our products are chosen as their quality before any, their efficiency and their value for money

The constant exchanges with our customers allow us to develop our ranges of products and to find the best solution possible afin to answer the greater well-being of our customers.

We are delighted to serve you and we thank you for the confidence(trust) which you grant us.


The food complements can be considered on no account as medicine.

They are used as complements to comfort, to beauty and to well-being for their inestimable beneficial virtues.

However, it is deeply advised to interrupt never a medicinal treatment without medical opinion.

Hold out of reach young children.

Do not exceed the advised doses.
Cannot substitute itself for a varied and well-balanced food, and for a healthy lifestyle.