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OSENS Phase 1 Medallion

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OSENS Phase 1 Medallion

Emotional balance.

Allows to better manage his emotions and their excesses with negative consequences.

Size 5 cm

The box contains: The medallion with 925 silver clip (opens to put another cord) + 1 cotton cord + the cloth case + instructions for use.

The OSENS Medallions allow:

- to have more discernment

- Achieve emotional and behavioural stability

- better morale and more vitality

- reinforces the vibration rate

- recover faster in difficult situations

- To let go

- Attract more opportunities for your well-being

- to protect themselves daily from electro-magnetic waves (Wifi, Linky, 4G, 5G etc...).
Tips for use:

This medallion is powerful, it acts on the (re)structuring of the flow of life, so it is necessary to get used to it the first days by carrying it 2 to 3 hours. It can then be worn all day depending on the feeling, intensity and seniority of the problem encountered. It is advisable to remove it at night.

Don’t load up on me.

The Osens Medallion is not a medical device. It is not a substitute for medical treatment.

OSENS is designed and manufactured in France.

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