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Since 2012,, site specialized in natural food supplements and organic cosmetics, presents its selection of products proposed by several laboratories of phytotherapy, natural health, among which the laboratories Activa, the laboratories Pronutri, the Nutrilab laboratory, the Ansil laboratory, the Lux Germ sprouted seeds, the Vitall+ laboratory, the Kerala nature laboratory, Osens life...



Wellness Essential accompanies you every day to provide solutions and advice for your health and well-being in the following areas: circulatory comfort, antioxidants, oral comfort, fatigue, respiratory comfort, urinary comfort, hair, female comfort, detox, digestion, libido, memory and concentration, sleep, stress and depression, intestinal transit, vision, bone remineralization, thinness, skin, immune system, superfruits, sugar…

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Aquaporines Pronutri - carre-fortime Longueur-donde

We all seek fullness, yet we live ever faster
and our body and mind are constantly attacked,  

That is why today your "well-being becomes essential"!

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New chanviercbd5

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Well being respiration x 3 ACTIVA

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Bodyguard ACTIVA NUTRI x 5

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Well being starter Camu Camu x 3 ACTIVA

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Vitamine D3 1000UI DYNVEO

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Pack articulaire PHYTOGERM

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Oleatonic Metabolic ACTIVA

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