Neem oil AYUR-VANA

Neem oil AYUR-VANA

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Melia azadirachta

Moisturizing, regenerating, restructurante.

Combination, fat, acned, tired and wrinkled skin.

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According to Ayurvéda, she can serve as basic oil for the massages against the muscle and articular pains and fight the lice and other parasites.

First cold pressure (without use of solvent nor chemical) successive filtrations of the oil on blotting paper.

Benefactions: good care against the cutaneous imperfections (in dilution with another vegetable oil).

More: help to prevent lice's invasions, quite there renew the scalp and the hair.


Plant oil of neem biological.
Very viscous liquid. She congeals below 20°C, it is advised to warm her slightly so that she is homogeneous.

Advises of use:

Face: apply some drops to the face and the neck and mass delicately.

Body: in massage on it or the concerned zones.

Hair: well distribute the oil on the hair and mass delicately a few minutes. Let rest at least one hour or all night long with a hand towel on the pillow and make then a soft shampoo.

Hold shielded from the light, some heat and in a dry place.

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