Tongue scraper KERALA

Tongue scraper KERALA

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Tongue scraper

Ayurvedic therapeutics to improve your oral hygiene.

Copper Tongue scraper

The daily practice allows:

  • To prevent the bad breath,
  • To eliminate the whitish deposit(warehouse) of toxin,
  • To make a massage reflex,
  • To find a local comfort,
  • To improve gustatory perceptions.

Councils of use:

Hold the tongue scraper between the thumb, the index and the major, put the part rounded off in the root of the tongue and move him towards the extremity.

After every passage (in the middle, to the right, to the left), wash under the tap water, the overloads collected in the curve of the tongue scraper.

Then wash himself teeth with the ayurvedic toothpaste Meswak or Vicco.

The tongue scraper is in personal use.

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