Colloidal silver BIOFLORAL

Colloidal silver BIOFLORAL

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Colloidal silver BIOFLORAL

Protection, reinforcement.

Recommended for skin problems.

20 ppm


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Used since antiquity for its remarkable antiseptic virtues, colloidal silver is now popular because it would be able to attack most bacteria, viruses and parasites:

- Hydrates, soothes, purifies and stimulates skin healing, clarifies complexion and reduces redness.

- Recommended for skin problems: acne, redness, wounds, mushrooms, warts...

- improved work surfaces, bathroom surfaces etc...


Ultra-pure water dynamised in cascade, colloidal silver 20 ppm of very high purity (99.99%).

Tips for use:

1 cap in compresses, local application or gargling 1 to 3 times a day.

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